highway construction accidents

If you have been seriously injured in a highway construction accident in Los Angeles, you may be frightened and not know where to turn. This is the time to contact J&Y Law. Our practice is dedicated to fighting for the rights of injury victims throughout California and helping them obtain just compensation for their losses, pain, and suffering.  

Our highway construction accident attorneys have helped motorists, passengers, construction workers, and pedestrians who have been injured on Los Angeles freeways, such as:

Any traffic accident claim is challenging, but highway construction accidents are further complicated by the fact that several parties may be involved: city, state, and county agencies, motorists, and private construction companies. This is why it is essential to have the powerful representation J&Y Law provides. 

When you become our client, we will leverage our skills and resources to vigorously pursue your claim. We offer free consultations and you will not pay any attorneys’ fees to us until we recover for you. Trust the team at J&Y Law to always work in your best interests and fight for the compensation you need and deserve. Contact our office today so we can start working on your case.

The Perils of Highway Construction in Los Angeles

There are many reasons for highway construction accidents, starting with the fact that highway construction obstructs the normal flow of traffic: flashing lights, traffic cones, signs, barrels, electrical tools, heavy machinery, and construction materials make highway construction sites inherently dangerous.  

In any event, highway construction accidents in Los Angeles are frequently caused by:

  • Poorly marked work zones 
  • Insufficient warning of lane changes or closures
  • Spills or construction debris blocking traffic lanes 
  • Incomplete lane markers or edge lines
  • Equipment blocking the roadway
  • Drivers ignoring reduced speed limits in work zones

If you have been injured in an accident on a freeway undergoing road repairs in California, one or more parties may be held liable, including:

  • A construction company
  • An independent contractor
  • Another motorist
  • A government agency

Regardless of the circumstances, we will fight for your rights and help you obtain the medical care and resources you need to recover and move on.

Injuries Arising From LA Highway Construction Accidents

Although motorists are required to drive more carefully and at slower speeds when traveling through work zones in California, many disregard this directive. In short, negligent drivers, as well as the inherent hazards of work zones, contribute to highway accidents that result in all types of injuries, such as:

Many injuries require surgery and/or can result in temporary incapacity or permanent disability. Medical costs, combined with the lost income, can become an overwhelming burden. This is why you need our aggressive personal injury attorneys by your side. We will fight to win you the maximum compensation you deserve. 

How J&Y Can Help With Your Highway Construction Accident Claim

Though many highway construction accident claims can be resolved through detailed negotiations, we prepare each case for trial to maximize our bargaining leverage. But we are also prepared to litigate when necessary. While you focus on recuperating, our legal team will:

  • Handle insurance communications and paperwork
  • Investigate the accident site (take detailed photographs, examine the police report, interview witnesses)
  • Determine whether there have been other accidents in this area of the freeway
  • Determine whether another motorist was negligent in any way (ignoring reduced speeds, driving while distracted)
  • Collaborate with accident reconstruction specialists to gather evidence that supports your claim

Our objective is to prove that your injury was the result of another party’s negligence, and make sure you receive the damages that will help you regain a sense of normalcy.

Damages You Can Recover

Knowing that your injuries are likely a physical, emotional, and financial burden for you and your family, our firm will fight to win you compensation for:

  • Medical, surgical, and rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages, present, and future
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Permanent disability
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Property damage

If a loved one has been killed in a highway construction accident, we may recommend pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit to recover damages such as funeral expenses, final medical costs, and loss of support. Though money cannot replace a loved one, compensation is essential to restoring (as much as possible) your former lifestyle and protecting your future.

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