When Planes Fall

As a driver in Northern or Southern California, you might swerve to avoid a collision from another car, but did you ever think you could collide with a plane?  This occurred on Interstate 15 North, in Fallbrook, near San Diego, when a small plane crashed into a Nissan.  At approximately nine in the morning, the plane came in so fast that it continued to skid about three hundred feet even after colliding into a motor vehicle filled with passengers.  At the time of impact, the car was pulled over on the side of the road because the driver, a male of age forty-two, was attempting to fix his Bluetooth.  The plane was “a single-engine, fixed-wing aircraft.”  Five individuals were wounded, and one was killed.

The accident tragically led to the death of a thirty-eight year old woman who was a back seat passenger in the car.  Three of the passengers were reported to the emergency room in critical condition.  The driver endured severe cuts on his face, in the eye region.  The pilot, on the other hand, “suffered life-threatening severe head trauma.”  The passenger on the plane, a female of approximately fifty years of age, suffered serious injury.

Many dispute whether the pilot’s best option for landing was on the highway.  However, this area is known to the surrounded by a coarse and hilly landscape, which may be dangerous for a plane to land on.  The cause of the accident was also unknown, but onlookers presuppose “mechanical issues.”  Moreover, the “National Transportation Safety Board” (NTSB) observed that the “landing gear” was not engaged prior to the plane’s urgent dive. “The pilot may have been too busy to put it down, he may not have been able to put it down—we don’t know at this point,” stated an employee of the NTSB.

Disturbingly, this very plane, referred to as the “Lancair IV,” was used to make an emergency landing on the same highway in the year of 2000, as reported by a previous owner of the plane.  However, the prior incident did not lead to any deaths or injuries.  If you were the victim of a plane accident, you should discuss the circumstances of the incident with the law firm of J&Y. A complex discovery process is likely to be involved as the plane may need to be evaluated by experts in order to confirm the cause of the accident and other factors.