Parachute Accident Sucks Navy Seal Vet From Plane

Who is liable in a parachute accident death?

When you go skydiving– whether for pleasure or as part of a military mission– there is an expectation that the parachute will open and function properly. And if there is any concern about the primary chute opening, the existence of the reserve chute offers added safety and security. Barring horseplay or any reckless, careless, or contributory negligent behavior on the part of the parachuter or others, the proper performance of the parachute is expected.

But what happens if something goes terribly awry?

In June 2014, an experienced Navy SEAL war veteran was killed instantly when the MC-6 personnel parachute system he was wearing was deployed accidently by a gust of wind while he was still on the aircraft. He was sucked violently out of the plane, fatally hitting his head on the plane’s open door frame. His lifeless body floated to the ground, supported by both his primary and reserve parachutes.

The soldier’s parents have brought suit in San Diego federal court against Airborne Systems of North America CA, the parachute’s manufacturer.  They assert that a defect in design allowed the flap to open and the parachute to deploy, putting servicemen at risk of serious injury or death.

While no fatalities were previously reported, military records indicate that the same model parachute accidently deployed due to wind gusts on four other occasions, twice each in 2012 and 2013, and all prior to the fatal 2014 accident. While the same parachute appears to remain in use, an investigation after the parachuter’s death allegedly resulted in changes to the military’s training program, including a change in procedure regarding the plane door, in an effort to increase safety.

While parachute accidents are fortunately rare, people are injured each day, in various other common and uncommon accidents. And they need the services of experienced personal injury attorneys who concentrate– instead of dabble– in personal injury law.

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