Multiple Lego, figurine stores broken into across SoCal

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

LOS ANGELES – Multiple toy stores have been broken into across Southern California, and officials believe they are all related.  

“It’s heart-wrenching for us personally. We can’t just order these things and get more. These are collector things that come to us through our customers,” said the owner of the Ontario store Bricks and Minifigs.

They are just one of six stores targeted in a series of burglaries since April 3.

The Riverside location was the first one hit. Ontario’s location was burglarized on April 12, Whittier on May 3, Irvine on May 9, and two stores were hit on June 1; Costa Mesa and Fullerton.

Multiple law enforcement agencies are working the cases, but do believe they are related. 

The same blue vehicle was seen at all locations. 

Security images from the Ontario store show multiple suspects. In another video, despite an alarm, a hooded figure was captured on video trying to break in after closing. They eventually left, only to return a few hours later.  

The target are the mini figs, as they are called, tiny figurines, especially from the Star Wars movies. 

Bricks and Minifigs get many of its figurines from customers who trade in and come in for particular pieces, so “it’s not like we can reorder stock from Lego” said one owner. The stores pride themselves on being family owned.

Just last April, a specialized task force that included CHP officers, arrested four people and seized about $300,000 of stolen Lego products.

So far, about $100,000 has been taken from the six targeted stores.

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