Motorcyclist Killed After Colliding With Metro Train in Downtown L.A.  

How can motorcyclists avoid fatal accidents?

More and more people are enjoying the freedom and thrills of riding motorcycles. Unfortunately, accidents involving motorcycles can turn that thrill into trauma with devastating consequences.

Motorcyclists Crashes Into Metro Train

A motorcyclist was killed after colliding with a Metro train in downtown Los Angeles in the early morning hours just a few weeks ago. Witnesses say that the man, who appeared to be in his 20s, was travelling at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour.  Unable to stop for the red light, the cyclist ran into the side of the train and was dragged several blocks before the train operator became aware of the situation.

Headlines like these are far too frequent in Los Angeles.  Many of these motorcycle accidents can be prevented though.

7 Ways Motorcyclists Can Avoid Fatal Accidents

Headlines like these are far too frequent in Los Angeles.  Many of these motorcycle accidents can be prevented though, by following these safety tips:

  1. Get experience in safe environments. It takes time in the saddle to gain experience, but that experience does not have to be gained in dangerous situations. Seek out places where traffic is light and test out your new skills.
  2. Don’t speed. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that speed kills. Motorcyclists are far more vulnerable to high-speed impacts than regular car drivers.
  3. Avoid Riding Under the Influence. Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is a recipe for disaster for motorcyclists. If you’ve imbibed, safe a life and call an Uber.
  4. Prevent Distractions. Yes, we all know that California is a hands-free state, and for good reason. Texting and taking calls while driving can impact your abilities as much as drugs and alcohol can. If you’re on the road, focus on the road.
  5. Drive Courteously. Avoid doing things like tailgating, lane splitting or weaving in and out of traffic. Other drivers may not see you and certainly cannot predict your actions if you are driving erratically.
  6. Drive for Conditions. If road conditions are wet or visibility is low, reduce speed and allow more room between you and other drivers.
  7. Wear Protective Gear. Helmets and hard or soft-shell cycling gear can save your life. Get the best you can afford.

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