Minors now need a chaperone to attend Contra Costa County Fair. Here’s what else is changing

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

ANTIOCH, Calif. (KGO) — If you’re debating on whether or not to go out to the Contra Costa County Fair over the next few days organizers have a message for you.

They say more security and stricter rules are now in place in an effort to improve safety after last year’s event.

Kids and families were chowing down and having the time of their lives on Thursday’s opening day.

“We got to pet the goats, the baby goats it was really cute,” said Amy Becker.

But last year at the Contra Costa County Fair there were several fights among teenagers, seen in cell phone video.

Fair organizers tell ABC7 News that changes have been made.

“We’ve beefed up our security, put security in our parking lots and more outside the entrance to the gates just as a precaution,” said Contra Costa County Fair CEO Joe Brengle. “Anybody here 18 years or under needs a chaperone of somebody 25 years or older to be here at the fair. We want to make sure that people are not just dropping off their teenagers and thinking we’re a babysitting site!”

And those changes are being seen already.

“I think the chaperone part is awesome because I really feel like we all have to take care of our own kids,” said Elizabeth Semino-Guillen of Antioch.

“Did they check coming in?” asked ABC7 News reporter J.R. Stone.

“They did, they asked the kids and then they had a group of people before me that they would not let them in because they didn’t have a chaperone,” said Semino-Guillen.

“Last year was a little chaotic, a little too much. The younger crowd was kind of taking over a lot of the stuff that was here. A lot more low key today than it usually was last year,” said Steven Schultz of Antioch.

The goal, is a safe and fun weekend for families.

“We have a Tina Turner tribute band, couple different party bands out here, camel rides, pony rides, petting zoo, lots of carnival rides, lots of great fair food,” said Brengle.

The hope now is that the focus at the fair stays on the fun things to do and not what many saw last year.

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