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In a Car Accident Over the Holidays? J&Y Law Can Help!

Many of us hit the road over the holidays to visit friends and family, attend work gatherings, or simply take in the sights and sounds of the season. California’s rate of car accidents is already quite high, but when you add in the increased holiday traffic, that usually means increased accidents and increased injuries. If you were involved in a car accident over the holiday season, you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries and property damage you have incurred.

At J&Y Law, our experienced car accident attorneys are committed to advocating for your compensation and your rights as a person who was unjustly injured. We know that negligent drivers need to be held accountable for their actions in order to make the roads safer for everyone—and to give injured parties the justice they deserve. Our car accident attorneys have a well-deserved reputation for being both compassionate and tough: compassionate in working with and listening to our clients, and tough in the courtroom so we can advocate for them.

Car accidents can be caused by a variety of factors, however most are the result of driver errors such as:

  • Disobeying traffic signals – running a red light or failing to yield to traffic
  • Distracted driving – driving while texting, talking on the phone, or otherwise
  • Driver fatigue – driving without enough sleep or while falling asleep
  • Driving under the influence – driving after consuming alcohol or medication which impairs the ability to drive
  • Inclement weather – negligent driving due to weather conditions
  • Inexperience – drivers who have only recently gotten behind the wheel
  • Reckless driving – driving while appreciating the danger you are causing to others, such as by drag racing, but failing to correct your behavior
  • Speeding – going faster than the speed limit can reduce your ability to drive safely and react in difficult driving situations

Car accidents can also be caused by vehicle manufacturing defects, such as airbags, tires, or brakes which fail to properly function. They can also be caused by construction zones, which can create confusion and cause drivers to overcorrect or drift into other lanes. Our attorneys are equally as experienced in bringing car accident cases against drivers as they are against third parties like manufacturers and municipalities.

Regardless of the cause, if you were injured as the result of a car accident you deserve to be compensated for your injuries so that you can cover your medical bills and otherwise be made whole again. J&Y Law’s experienced car accident attorneys are skilled at proving negligence or recklessness by the person or entity who caused your injury. We have recovered millions of dollars in damages for our clients, and have recently secured settlements of $1,000,000 and $2,650,000 for some of them!

When you hire J&Y’s car accident attorneys, you are hiring representation you can trust. We have over 50 years of combined experience with car accident litigation, and know the ins and the outs of negotiating with opposing parties, insurance companies, and anyone else who tries to prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve. Contact J&Y Law today to learn more about your options. Our car accident attorneys are ready to help you get back on the road to a healthy and full life.