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How to Prepare for Your First Meeting with a Rideshare Accident Attorney

Your first meeting with a rideshare accident attorney is usually a free initial consultation. If you do not prepare for this meeting, there is a limit to how much benefit you can get from talking to the attorney. The better prepared you are to talk to the lawyer, the more productive the meeting will be for you and the lawyer.

A California rideshare accident attorney can help you sort through the complicated liability insurance issues that are par for the course in Uber or Lyft accident claims. Here’s how to prepare for your first meeting with a rideshare accident attorney. 

It’s All in the Details

The lawyer will want to know who will have legal liability for the collision and your injuries. You do not have to come to the meeting already knowing that information. Instead, it will benefit you to have a copy of the police report, if possible. 

The police report will give the rideshare accident lawyer crucial information like all the parties involved in the accident and whether any of them received tickets for breaking the law or causing the crash. The insurance company information of all the drivers will be useful in preparing accident injury claims on your behalf. Also, the police report will give the identity and contact information of witnesses.

Medical Expenses and Lost Wages

If you are talking to a personal injury lawyer early on in the process, which is a good idea, you will not yet have all the medical bills. Still, it will be helpful if you bring a list of where you went for medical evaluation and treatment and the dates of those visits. Feel free to bring along copies of any medical paperwork you have received, like the discharge papers from the emergency room.

If your employer has paid your time away from work in full, consider yourself fortunate. On the other hand, if you missed paychecks while you could not work because of your injuries, you will want to make a note of the dates that you missed work.

Bring a recent paycheck that shows the typical amount of your earnings. You will also want to let the lawyer know if any of your recuperation time got charged against your sick leave or vacation time. 

Keep Track of Your Recuperation Progress

It can be useful if you get a blank notepad and write in it on a daily or weekly basis what you experience as you go through the recuperation process. You can document the level of pain you went through and measures you used to cope with the pain, for example, over-the-counter anti-inflammatories like Motrin, ice packs, pain pills, or other treatments. 

Be careful what you write in this notebook because the defense counsel will likely get access to read the entire notebook. You do not want to have other personal things written in this volume. Also, you do not want to editorialize about the drivers, insurance companies, or any other issues. Assume that someone will read your notes aloud to the jury. As your rideshare personal injury claim progresses, you will need to provide more information to your lawyer, like additional medical bills as they arrive. You will want to talk to a California personal injury attorney as soon as possible because California limits the amount of time you have to go after money damages for your injuries and losses. For help with you case get in touch with your office today.