How much money couples without kids need to get by in California

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

A working couple with no children would need to earn $62,766 combined to cover their basic needs living in the United States, significantly less than families who need to pay for additional expenses like childcare.

That’s according to a recent study from Smart Asset, which looked at the median costs of living necessities, like housing, transportation, health care and other expenses needed to live comfortably in each U.S. state.

 The study examined how much single parents versus couples without children would need to afford living necessities nationwide comfortably. Investment contributions and discretionary expenses like entertainment are not part of these estimates, as tracked by the MIT Living Wage Calculator.

The study found that in California, couples without kids and single parents with one child would need to make $75,602 and $99,763, respectively.

Here is the complete breakdown:

1 adult, 0 children: $56,825 1 adult, 1 child: $99,763 1 adult, 2 children: $128,091 1 adult, 3 children: $170,895 2 adults (1 working), 0 children: $75,602 2 adults (1 working), 1 child: $91,759 2 adults (1 working), 2 children: $102,122 2 adults (1 working), 3 children: $113,388 2 adults (2 working), 0 children: $75,602 2 adults (2 working), 1 child: $109,043 2 adults (2 working), 2 children: $138,357 2 adults (2 working), 3 children: $167,415

Massachusetts was found to be the most expansive state for single parents.

“For single parents, necessities require an income of $109,111 with one child in the household, $140,222 with two, and $178,113 with three children. Families with two working parents raising two or three children will need $150,578 and $176,107, respectively,” Jaclyn DeJohn, a spokesperson for Smart Asset, wrote about the study.

On the other hand, Arkansas was found to be the most affordable state for families with only one child.

The complete state-by-state breakdown can be found here.

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