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How Can a Helmet Improve Your Survival Chances in a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycles have long held an allure of freedom on the open roads. For many, that freedom includes resistance to wearing protective gear, including a helmet. 

However, motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to wrecks resulting in severe head injuries. Many states such as California have enacted laws requiring all riders to wear helmets as required safety equipment.

How can a helmet improve your survival chances in motorcycle accidents? California motorcycle accident attorneys outline the importance of wearing motorcycle helmets.

California’s Helmet Law

California is one of nineteen states that have adopted a universal helmet law. Twenty-eight other states require only some riders to wear a helmet, while three states (Illinois, Iowa, and New Hampshire) have not enacted any helmet restrictions at all. 

California’s helmet law requires that all motorcycle riders wear a properly fitted, approved helmet securely strapped to the head. Failure to comply with California’s helmet law may result in tickets and fines up to or over $250, depending on circumstances. 

What Type of Motorcycle Helmet Meets the Legal Requirement in California?

An effective helmet must fit properly and meet the minimum safety standards of the Department of Transportation.

The approved safety standards are designed to provide:

  • Impact protection
  • Protection for the entire head
  • A retention system to keep the helmet in place on impact
  • Positional stability ensuring the helmet stays in place 

Be sure that the helmet you select fits securely on your head and is secured by a chinstrap. Further, inspect the helmet for a certification that it meets the required minimum DOT safety guidelines.

Why is Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet so Important?

Wearing a motorcycle helmet is the single greatest means of preventing severe head injury in the event of a motorcycle wreck. 

According to the CDC, helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 69% and of death by 37%. Riders opting out of wearing a helmet subject themselves to a higher certainty of debilitating head injuries, such as skull fractures and traumatic brain injury. 

In the absence of visible damage to the head, the brain can still be severely affected by the force of the accident. Catastrophic brain injury can result in loss of cognitive function, physical impairments, and emotional issues.  

By wearing a helmet, a rider provides a safety measure cushioning the brain from the impact and trauma of the motorcycle crash. This protection is designed to reduce and prevent permanent disabilities associated with brain damage.  

Call a California Personal Injury Attorney Today

Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to accident injuries. Even when wearing the right protective gear, there is no guarantee against significant harm to the body and brain. 

There may have been another at-fault driver involved in the crash, or perhaps you were alone in the accident. You may have been wearing a helmet and still sustained a traumatic brain injury. 

You have the right to pursue damages from any person or entity whose negligence contributed to your injury, including another driver or the manufacturer of a failed helmet. 

If you have been injured in a California motorcycle crash and have suffered a head injury, contact a California personal injury attorney today. Together, we will explore your case, discuss your rights, and pursue the compensation you deserve. Get in touch with our office today.