How are injuries caused at festivals or fairs handled legally?

Throughout the country we can find fairs and festivals that are held at certain times of the year, which is especially common during the summer. Many are permanent attractions in one city, and others travel from place to place to bring fun to American families.

People who attend these types of events can usually enjoy live music, food, and rides like Ferris wheels and roller coasters, etc. It’s also common for organizers to look for new ways to top previous years’ events in terms of attractions, promotions, and entertainment.

Although these events are advertised as safe and suitable for the whole family, recent studies continue to reveal worrying figures when it comes to injuries occurring at fairs and festivals. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (USPC), in 2016 alone almost 31,000 people were injured by the attractions that are often part of these events.

Injuries at fairs and festivals fall under the broad scope of premises liability law. A personal injury attorney can take steps to investigate your accident, interview witnesses, and seek compensation on your behalf. Each case of this type depends on specific facts and factors, which means that the time to investigate them effectively can be tight. If you suffer an injury at a fair or festival, you should report the accident and take steps to prepare in the event of a lawsuit.

The security measures that these events must follow are very strict. However, as in all circumstances in which the hand of man intervenes, there may be errors and, consequently, accidents. These are some of the dangers and risks that you can find at a fair:

  • Inadequate lighting at night and in dark areas
  • Lack of hazard signage and emergency exits
  • Exposed electrical cables or close to high-traffic areas
  • Mechanical game failure due to lack of maintenance or age
  • Negligence on the part of the staff operating the attractions
  • security devices not working
  • Unsafe walking areas due to being full of elements or obstacles due to poor organization
  • Personnel who are not properly trained or qualified to conduct their duties 

If you suffered an injury at a fair or festival, contact us. We can help you! You may be entitled to compensation.