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Flying Cars: Is the World Ready, or Are We Just Asking for More Catastrophic Auto Accident Injuries?

Although flying cars may seem like it’s something straight out of the popular sci-fi kids’ cartoon, the Jetsons, it’s no longer something that exists only in animation.  Flying cars are here to stay. Now discussions are taking place about when and how these futuristic vehicles will change how we commute in the same way road vehicles have.  How will flying cars impact California commuters? Also, how will California car accident lawyers embrace these changes?

Brief History of Flying Cars

ConVairCar, Model 118 is one of the first car-like airplanes created in 1947.  It had its first test flight in California. Although the ConVairCar’s inventor had big plans for the car, a crash kept his idea from taking off – no pun intended.  Over the next few decades, one car-plane after the next sprung up, including the Ford Levacar, the Aero-car, Ave Mizar, the Sky Commuter, and the Flying Maruti.  

Do you remember how cool it was to see the car in the movie Back to The Future take off into another dimension?  Although most commuters aren’t probably looking to escape reality, they certainly would love to escape California traffic.  Imagine that you could operate a vehicle that lets you drive but, in some instances, allows you to fly over obstacles, such as traffic, instead of painfully enduring it.  This thought may be closer to reality than you could ever imagine.  

Flying Cars Today

Although flying cars seem like they are a thing of the past, there seem to be a few enthusiasts who keep trying to bring the world one step closer to this possibility.  The Terrafugia is a working model that was created in 2006 by a company called Geely.  It has been upgraded and remodeled consistently since then to make it much more stylish.  It can roll around on the road like a car but has the aerodynamics of a plane, allowing it to spread its wings and take flight after reaching a certain speed. Initially, the company had issues complying with FAA standards because it was too heavy.  Now, the FAA has loosened its restrictions on the flying car.  

Geely isn’t the only company that has a flying car.  Several companies are working on getting into the vehicle flying business, including German company Evolo, China’s Ehang, and Slovakia’s Aeromobil, to name a few. Terrafugia is even working on another upgrade that will allow the driver to lift off without being on a runway.

What Can We Expect With Flying Car Accidents?

The idea of having flying cars could work wonders to alleviate some of the traffic woes of California commuters.  But how will flying cars affect car accident injuries?  Most are unsure how this flying car phenomenon will pan out, but by 2023 they could be officially in use in the air and on the road. 

Some attorneys in California are already welcoming the possibility.  So far, New Hampshire is the first state to have passed legislation allowing flying cars on the road.  However, they are not allowed to use their flying capacity.  If the trend continues, California could form legislation soon offering a new specialty for California attorneys.

When flying cars are introduced into the mainstream, we can likely expect similar incidences we saw with self-driving vehicles as designers work out bugs and legislators determine who is actually authorized to fly these vehicles. The accidents we will see with flying cars may be more catastrophic than standard auto accidents. If you have questions about injuries you’ve sustained in a car accident, contact our office today.