Frequent Plane Accident Questions

Who investigates plane accidents?

There are several entities engaged in plane accident investigation. Investigators work with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the Federal Aviation Association, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and police departments among others. They will work together to determine to sequence of events, causes and what actions should be taken.

Regarding plane accident litigation, what does “statute of repose” mean?

It is the time limit allowed to file an aviation lawsuit.

What should I expect following a plane accident?

A plane accident may take the form of a crash, malfunction, emergency landing, etc. The pilot(s) of the plane must notify the NTSB and submit a written report within ten days.

Why would I need an attorney?

NTSB’s primary goal is preventing future situations similar to the plane accident that you were involved in and determine disciplinary action. However, they are not there to ensure that you receive compensations for expenses incurred. The experienced personal injury attorneys at J&Y will address your claims and needs for compensation.

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