Auto Accident

I was involved in a car accident. Who determines who is at fault for the accident?

Sometimes, the responsible party is obvious. Witnesses, damage, and statements can easily determine fault. However, in some cases, responsibility is not clear. Experts and investigators must evaluate the case and different sides may come up with different answers. In this case, the victim needs to build a strong case and will need legal assistance to do this. We can provide not only assistance, but resources, knowledge and effort, to ensure that you receive fair treatment.

What do I do if the other party asks for my medical records?

Do not release your medical records without consulting your personal injury lawyer. There is a strict protocol insurance companies must follow.

Is it necessary that I see a doctor following an accident?

Yes. You must see one as soon as possible. Many physical injuries are not detectable to an individual until a few hours or even days have gone by. This does not mean that a doctor cannot detect these injuries earlier and prevent more serious issues from arising.

What if the accident was partly my fault?

Firstly, never admit fault following an accident. Immediately following your accident, you may be confused or in shock. You may believe something to be the cause when it actually wasn’t. An investigation must ensue to determine fault. Even if you feel you may be at fault, a judge or jury can determine who is liable for damages. Call us for a free consultation to go over the facts of your case and to determine who was truly at fault in your accident.

What if the police report puts me at fault?

Just because a police report puts you at fault does not necessarily mean that you are truly at fault. We have represented many clients who were initially put at fault in the police report, yet after retaining our office, we were able to settle the case favorably. In order to truly understand the issues of your case, contact our office for a free consultation to speak with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys.

Do you make house calls?

We understand the difficulty of getting around in California. Our attorneys routinely make house calls. We have flexible after hour and weekend appointments available. Just call to schedule an appointment.

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