Driver in Critical Condition After Crash on Byron Highway

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

At 5:30 pm Saturday, the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District responded to a report of a vehicle into a tree with one person ejection on Byron Highway.

The crash occurred at Byron Highway and Marsh Creek Road with a report of a occupant who had been ejected and was laying in the roadway.

According to CHP Officer Mendoza, he confirmed a solo vehicle crash versus a tree with one person transported to a local hospital in critical condition. Initial statements that the vehicle possibly veered into the southbound lanes and lost control and collided with the tree. The truck caught fire and was fully engulfed.

According to the Fire District, they were able to get knockdown on the tree fire by 5:40 pm, however, a tree did fall onto power lines. PG&E was requested.

No other details on the incident were available. By 6:55 pm, the travel advisory was lifted.

Detail Information 6:55 PM 21 [57] ^***CANCEL TRAVEL ADVISORY*** 6:53 PM 20 [54] B19-404B ALL OF THE RDWY IS OPEN 6:17 PM 19 [48] 1039 PGandE WILL CB W/ETA [Shared] 6:09 PM 18 [44] B19-4040B MEDIA 97 [Shared] 5:54 PM 17 [41] GG-H30 1097 / 1022’D BY FIRE [Shared] 5:54 PM 16 [40] ^***TRAVEL ADVISORY***BRYON HWY N/O SR4, N/B AND S/B LANES CLOSED DUE TO COLLISION.UNK ETO, EXPECT DELAYS. [Shared] 5:53 PM 15 [39] WHILE LL AT LN 26 , COCO SO ADVD THEY HAVE DEPUTIES 1097 [Shared] 5:51 PM 14 [37] [Rotation Request Comment] 1039 PENA TOWING 925-420-5907 [Shared] 5:48 PM 13 [32] B19-404B SIG ALERT (OR TRFC ADVISORY) ON BYRON HWY JNO SR4 // NB and SB LNS CLOSED , UNK ETO // TREE ON POWER LINES [Shared] 5:48 PM 12 [30] B19-403B 1097 [Shared] 5:47 PM 11 [29] B19-404B 1185 FOR TKPK FULLY ENGULFED [Shared] 5:47 PM 10 [27] B19-404B SOLO VEH 1180 / S6 CPYS [Shared] 5:46 PM 9 [26] 1039 COCO SO W/ LN 25 [Shared] 5:45 PM 8 [25] B19-404B 1097 / REQ SO FOR 1184 AT I/S OF BYRON X SR4 [Shared] 5:36 PM 7 [22] 1039 COCO SO W/ ALL [Shared] 5:34 PM 6 [15] [Notification] [CHP]-INV PTY UNCONSCIOUS ON RHS NEAR TK [Shared] 5:33 PM 5 [13] [Appended, 17:34:16] [2] PER CCSO ** FIRE ENRT 5:33 PM 4 [12] [Appended, 17:34:16] [1] VEH VS TREE — IFO ABOVE 1020 5:32 PM 3 [5] MALE PTY EJECTED ON RHS 5:31 PM 2 [2] VEH NOW ON FIRE 5:31 PM 1 [1] TK VS TREE

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