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Do Car Accident Settlements Cover Chiropractic Treatment?

California car accidents, even mild fender-benders, often result in neck, spine, and soft muscle injuries that benefit greatly from chiropractic care. Chiropractors specializing in vehicle accident aftercare can help patients manage ongoing pain from their injuries and promote faster healing. 

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, it may be wise to include chiropractic care as part of a comprehensive medical approach to your recovery. If you are worried about expenses and whether car accident settlements cover chiropractic treatment, the short answer is yes. 

California personal injury attorneys advise that reasonable and necessary medical expenses can be reimbursed through car accident settlements. However, your approach to chiropractic treatment and how your care is documented could significantly impact a chiropractic settlement. 

When Should I See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident?

Many car accident injuries manifest over time, in the weeks and months following the incident. Even if you are not feeling immediate discomfort in your neck or spine, there could be an underlying injury.  

Personal injury attorneys recommend a thorough chiropractic exam as soon as possible following a vehicle collision. Prompt care is especially important when another party is at fault, and financial reimbursement for accident-related care is at issue.  

Delaying chiropractic evaluation and care following a car crash weakens the link between treatment and the accident and could compromise reimbursement of related expenses. 

Getting Paid for Chiropractic Care After Your Car Accident

Unfortunately, chiropractic treatment is still regarded by many as discretionary, non-medical care, and an insurance company trying to reduce their liability in a car accident settlement claim will almost certainly adopt that position.

To increase your odds of chiropractic compensation following a car crash, California personal injury attorneys suggest the following:

  1. Start chiropractic treatment as soon as possible following the accident. 
  2. Ask your medical doctor for a chiropractic referral as part of a clinical, comprehensive approach to your healing and recovery. 
  3. Have your chiropractor document your condition and treatment plan in your medical records, supporting initial and ongoing treatment with:
    • diagnostic test results,
    • radiology reports,
    • symptom charts,
    • referrals to pain specialists or other medical professionals,
    • patient improvement.
  1. Maintain an injury and activity log detailing your physical pain and limitations. 
  2. Adhere to physical therapy and treatment schedules.

Contact a California Personal Injury Attorney Today

Navigating the legal challenges and insurance regulations surrounding car accident settlement claims is a daunting task.  While you attempt to heal from your injuries, negligent parties responsible for the car crash will be doing everything they can to minimize their financial liability.  This includes poking holes in your chiropractic treatment plan.

The good news is that California allows car accident victims to be compensated for economic losses resulting from their injuries.  When properly documented, this includes chiropractic care. A knowledgeable personal injury car accident attorney knows what is required for your chiropractic treatment claim to stand up under scrutiny by opposing parties. 

Contact a California personal injury attorney today to learn more about protecting your legal claim for chiropractic compensation in a car accident settlement case. Contact our office today.