Cosumnes Fire using new technology to hasten emergency response times in Elk Grove

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

“If someone’s not breathing or their heart has stopped beating or their home or business is on fire, seconds are critically important.”

ELK GROVE, Calif — The fire department serving Elk Grove is implementing a new technology to improve their response times in emergencies. 

For Cosumnes Fire Department, their mission is to save lives and protect the community, and now, they have a new tool to help them do just that.

“We want to get to emergencies as quickly as we can safely do so,” said Deputy Fire Chief Dan Quiggle.

Cosumnes Fire is utilizing technology that turns the signal lights at intersections green as fire department vehicles responding to emergencies approach.

The cloud platform is called LYT, and they’re hoping it will improve response times amid the traffic congestion and busy intersections they deal with daily.

“Imagine a busy, congested intersection somewhere in the city of Elk Grove, for example, Auto Mall and Elk Grove Boulevard,” said Quiggle. “If you’re stopped at that intersection at a red light, there’s nowhere for you to go, and there’s no way for the fire engine or ambulance to go around.”

Quiggle said the LYT system knows where fire engines and ambulances are on emergencies calls. It will turn the light green in their direction of travel so cars can get out of the way, clearing the intersection before they get there.

Quiggle said they currently utilize light-changing devices, but those are shorter range. LYT can be pre-programed to a certain distance, which is an important tool during emergencies.

“If someone’s not breathing or their heart has stopped beating or their home or business is on fire, seconds are critically important,” said Quiggle.

The fire department will be trying out the program on about one-third of lights on major travel intersections for the next year.

They’ll decide whether to continue based on the impact on response times.

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