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Construction Accident Details Covered Up at California Zoo

What kind of accident occurred the day before the Africa Rocks exhibit at the San Diego Zoo opened?

What happens in San Diego stays in San Diego. At least that appears to be the case with respect to a California construction accident that occurred recently on San Diego zoo property.

Representatives and spokesmen for the San Diego Zoo– as well as the construction company that the three (or possibly four) injured workers had contracted with– were tight-lipped about all aspects of the accident which occurred the day before the new Africa Rocks exhibit was to open and halted construction work for the day. Mystery still surrounds the total number of workers hurt, the extent of their injuries, and even the precise location where the accident occurred.

Reports indicate that the incident likely occurred “in either the African Rocks area or around a bridge construction area” at the zoo.

Perhaps the zoo did not want to detract from the grand opening of its $68 million Africa Rocks exhibit which was scheduled for the following day and which went off despite the “mishap”. More phases of construction are expected to be phased in over the next several months for the ever-growing new exhibit.

Construction accidents are common in California and often leave their victims with physical injuries that may also impact them financially if they are unable to work. The financial burden of resulting medical costs, future medical costs, lost and future income, pain and suffering, and more can be debilitating—especially of heavy and dangerous equipment was involved. Construction accidents are also often caused by the negligence of someone other than the victim, such as supervisors and managers who deviate from standard safety procedures, other workers, and third parties who produced or repaired defective and dangerous equipment, to name a few scenarios.

Common causes of construction accidents may include:

  • falls
  • falling objects
  • electrocutions
  • equipment accidents
  • fires and explosions
  • trench and building collapse

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