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Common Types of Car Accidents in California

When should you sue after a car accident?

Millions of car accidents happen across the nation every year. Over 32,500 people are killed in car accidents annually, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and millions of others are injured. Car accidents can happen due to a wide variety of circumstances, but some scenarios occur time and time again. Our Los Angeles car accident lawyers discuss the most common types of car accidents in California below. By being aware of the causes of car accidents, you can help to avoid being injured in a crash.

  1. Rear-end Crashes: Rear-end accidents are the most common type of car accident to happen in California. Rear-end crashes often occur when a driver is tailgating and the car in front is forced to stop or slow. The rear vehicle may crash into the lead vehicle because the driver did not provide him or herself with sufficient time to stop. Rear-end accidents can cause considerable injuries and costly damages. Usually, the driver of the second or following car will be liable for the crash.
  2. T-bone Accidents: T-bone crashes often happen in intersections. When a driver fails to stop at a stop light or traffic signal, the vehicle may crash into another vehicle crossing the intersection, hitting the car on its side. Drivers must use caution when traveling across intersections, being sure to slow down and look for any crossing vehicles.
  3. Chain Reaction Crashes: A chain reaction accident occurs when one crash, often a rear-end crash, triggers several other accidents. Chain reaction or multiple vehicle accidents involve complex issues of liability because the actions of each driver must be carefully analyzed for negligence.

Suing After an Accident

The decision whether to file a lawsuit after a car crash is a difficult one. Consult with a car accident lawyer following your crash to determine whether you may have a viable legal claim against the other driver that injured you. Your ability to sue after an accident will depend on the exact circumstances surrounding the crash and the extent of your losses sustained in the accident.