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Common Types of Personal Injury Cases in California

  • Jan 11 2017

What are the most common personal injury claims?

Accidents are one of the leading causes of injury and death across the United States.  More than 400,000 personal injury claims are filed across the nation each year.  Some of the most common types of personal injury cases in California and beyond include:

  1. Car accidents: Car accidents are a top cause of personal injury claims.  Motor vehicle accidents can leave victims with serious and potentially costly injuries.  If you are injured in a car accident due to the negligence of another driver,

Woman’s mysterious pain solved after foreign object discovered in her body 

  • Oct 28 2016

What are the most common medical malpractice claims?

No one starts their day hoping that they will be injured in some sort of accident. Unfortunately, too often, we are faced with sometimes life-changing injuries.  Even more shocking is when these accidents happen during surgery.  Surgical errors are one of the top medical malpractice claims in the US.

Woman Finds Surgical Probe Left in Her Body

Michelle Doig-Collins underwent surgery for a uterine ablation procedure a few months ago.

UC Riverside Student and Friend Killed Changing Tire on 405

  • Sep 29 2016

What should I do if my tire blows while driving?

Tragedy struck when a 22-year-old student and his friend were killed while attempting to change a flat tire. The student was traveling on the 405 near Yukon Avenue in the early morning hours when his tire blew.  He pulled onto the shoulder and called two friends to help him change his tire.  All three were working on the task when they were suddenly struck by a car.  Two of the victims were killed, while a third suffered serious injuries. 

Skateboard Accidents in California

  • Sep 27 2016

Who is liable in a skateboarding accident?

Skateboarding is a fun recreational activity and method of transportation.  It is estimated that more than 11 million people worldwide skateboard on a regular basis.  With its temperate climate, California is home to a high number of people that skateboard for pleasure or to and from school, work, and other destinations.  Despite the popularity of skateboarding, thousands of youth and adults alike are injured each year in skateboarding accidents and close to 30 people are killed.  Many of these accidents involve skateboarders being hit by motor vehicles. 

DUI-Related Accident in Temcula Kills Grandmother and Her 2-Year-Old Granddaughter

  • Sep 26 2016

What caused the deadly California collision the day before the 15th anniversary of 9-11?

Sometimes it seems as if we will never conquer the problem of people driving while impaired. We read daily reports about horrible accidents that could have been avoided if only people would refrain from drinking alcohol or taking drugs when they are about to drive. With all the catastrophic occurrences that we cannot prevent — natural disasters, epidemics, terrorist attacks — it seems ridiculous that we cannot convince a certain proportion of the population to refrain from driving when they are not fully functional.

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