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Catastrophic Semi-Truck Injury? We Will Fight for You

California is a big state with many highways and a bustling commercial road transit sector. This means that there are a significant amount of 18-wheelers, or semi-trucks, on the road in the state every day. These are heavy trucks, and when you are involved in an accident with one of them the result is often a devastating injury. While most semi-truck drivers do not intend to cause accidents, many times those who do are negligent.

At J&Y Law, we have represented numerous clients whose lives have been irreparably and horrifically changed as the result of a catastrophic semi-truck accident injury. We have witnessed firsthand how extensive the injuries resulting from these accidents can be: total or partial paralysis; brain damage; broken bones; amputations; TBIs; burns; internal organ damage; constant pain. The list truly goes on and on, and the medical bills can also pile up quickly following a catastrophic semi-truck injury.

Oftentimes, the trucker or trucking company is responsible for the crash. But how do you find out if they are to blame? This is where hiring an experienced personal injury attorney experienced in catastrophic and semi-truck injuries becomes very important. At J&Y Law, we are experienced in launching comprehensive investigations into injury-causing crashes to help determine liability. We gather a variety of evidence including police reports, eyewitness statements, trucking logs, crash scene evidence, and any pictures or video of the crash scene.

What we often find is that the trucker or the truck company is to blame, and there are several common reasons whey this may be true:

  • The trucker was driving drowsy
  • The roadways were hazardous, and the trucker was not exercising proper caution
  • The trucking company made errors while loading the storage component of the semi
  • The trucker was driving while distracted, such as by texting while driving
  • The trucking company failed to properly maintain truck parts like brakes and wheels
  • The trucker was speeding or otherwise driving recklessly

Determining liability is only the first part of what needs to be done. Once liability is determined, it takes a skilled attorney to deal with the trucker or the trucking company’s insurance company. You can bet that the insurance company will not want to provide victims with compensation, and will pull every trick in the book to avoid making or minimize payments—no matter how deserving you are of compensation. At J&Y Law, we hate it when insurance companies treat catastrophic accident victims like this, and you can count on our experienced attorneys to give you nothing less than full-throated and aggressive representation against greedy and dishonest insurance companies.

Our firm was founded on the principle that victims deserve justice and compensation for their suffering, and we have had the privilege of successfully representing many clients whose lives have been immeasurably helped by the personal injury settlements they have received. We take pride in our work and in treating our clients with the respect they deserve. If you were recently injured in a California semi-truck accident, the best decision you can make is to hire our firm to represent you. Contact J&Y Law today to learn more about your options. Our personal injury attorneys are ready to help you get back on the road to a healthy and full life.