Car accidents on roads under construction

Road construction accidents can be hazardous for both drivers and construction crew members. Drivers must pay close attention to work zone signs, including speed limits or potential road hazards, to avoid potential accidents and injuries. It is important to know how this type of situation is legally handled.

All 50 states have a passing law that protects emergency personnel and workers who may be on a highway under construction. While this law may vary by state, most require drivers to slow down and move to another lane if workers are on the shoulder and not protected by a barrier.

Violators of the right of way can face expensive fines, especially in road construction and work zones. Technically, a vehicle’s hazard lights must be activated for the traffic law to apply. However, it is best to slow down and go to another lane whenever possible if you are approaching an emergency vehicle while on the road.

Unfortunately, many drivers ignore warning signs and reduce speed limit signs for construction and work zones. The result is preventable. If a driver ignores signs and causes an accident, they may be held liable for damages resulting from the crash.

Similarly, some drivers may be injured by the negligence of other parties, for example, if a construction crew excessively reduces traveling space in other lanes or fails to display warning signs to notify drivers of hazards in a traffic lane. work zone. If another party is at fault for causing a traffic accident, victims may be entitled to compensation for their damages from that party. An attorney familiar with construction zone and work zone accidents must investigate the cause of an accident to determine if another party might be liable for damages.