California Boy Injured in Water Slide Accident

What are my rights if I am injured at a water park?

Investigations are currently underway following the injury of a ten-year-old California boy at a waterpark in Dublin.  The boy was injured while riding a slide known as the Emerald Plunge, which features an 80-degree drop.  Witnesses report that the boy flew from the slide as he reached the bottom, landing on the concrete.  He was transported to the hospital for treatment of abrasions and was fortunately released soon after.  The slide requires riders to be over 48 inches tall, but has no weight requirement.  Its design is used in water parks across the country.  

Water Parks Present Hazards

Water parks can be a fun place for the family to cool down and enjoy some thrills, but they can also be dangerous. Each year, over than 4,200 people require hospital treatment due to water park accidents, which often include falls from rides, slip and falls, ride malfunctions, and more. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, 29 people have died on water slides or amusement rides since 2010.  

Water park accidents can leave victims with lasting damages, including catastrophic injuries.  Common injuries linked to water park accidents include head and spinal cord injuries, broken bones, decapitation or severed limbs, drowning, and the like. Any one of these injuries will involve tremendous medical expenses, pain, significant time off work, and potentially the inability to return to the life or job you led prior to the accident.  

Liability for Water Park Injuries

Water parks owe a duty to all visitors to ensure their rides and premises are reasonably safe for their intended use.  When an injury occurs at a water park due to negligence, the water park may be liable.  Negligence could stem from failure to properly maintain rides, failure to warn riders of known risks, dangerously designed slides and other rides, and poor supervision.  In some cases, the makers of a defective ride, which may not be the water park itself, can be liable for injuries suffered.  Anyone who has sustained an injury at a water park should take swift action and consult with a California personal injury attorney right away.