Another Southern California LEGO store falls victim to burglars

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

Burglars continue to target LEGO retailers across Southern California.

Bricks & MiniFigs, a nationwide chain of franchised LEGO stores, have experienced break-ins at several locations over the last several months, the most recent taking place in Lomita early Tuesday morning.

The crime was all caught on camera, with surveillance video showing two people, faces covered, entering the store after shattering the glass of the front door.

Once inside, they grabbed several LEGO boxed sets; one of the burglars even came back for more before leaving.

“[They] took somewhere around $5,000 or more,” said Miguel Zuniga, the store’s owner. “The lowest sets they were taking are around $100 and there were about 14 sets that we’ve counted so far.”

A Bricks & MiniFigs store in Lomita was burglarized on June 18, 2024. Security footage from the store captured the break-in.

Zuniga said he took on a big risk for his family when he opened the store less than a year ago. “I put every single dollar into here,” he said. “This is my kids’ future.”

In recent months, several other LEGO stores have been targeted, including one in Ontario, where the burglars made off with thousands of dollars in merchandise.

Another break-in took place in Whittier, where one thief with a trash bag and headlamp was caught on camera.

In Lomita Tuesday afternoon, members of the community were already coming out to show their support for Miguel’s store.

“I heard the bad news that somebody broke in,” said 5-year-old Grayson, who visits the store often with his dad. “I went into my piggy bank, I have my money.”

The two said they knew they needed to stop in on Tuesday to show their support.

“This is our favorite store,” said Brian Bowser, Grayson’s dad. “When Miguel opened up shop here, we wanted to support local business.”

Even during this difficult time, Zuniga says he knows they will make it through.

“I look out for my community, without them, there wouldn’t be us,” Zuniga said. “[The thieves] think it’s just me, but no, my family, my workers, my customers, if they lose this store — this is a store they love coming to and we enjoy helping them.”

Several law enforcement agencies have been in contact with one another about these burglaries, though it was not known yet if they were connected.

Anyone with any information should contact their local law enforcement agency.

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