5,500 Without Power in Pittsburg

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

On Sunday afternoon, 5500 PG&E customers were without power in the City of Pittsburg according to Pacific Gas & Electric.

The outage was first reported around 5:22 pm and by 5:50 pm, the number of customers in Pittsburg without power was reduced to 5,139 according to PG&E.

No other information was available.

Information via PG&E:

Estimated restoration time: 6/24/2024 | 12:30 AM PDT Cause: PG&E is investigating the cause of your outage. Outage reported to PG&E: 6/23/2024 | 5:22 PM PDT
Customers Affected: 5,139

Per PG&E General unplanned outage

An unplanned outage may be caused by damage from a car accident or weather, or a tree branch hitting a powerline protected by Enhanced Powerline Safety Settings (EPSS). EPSS is used in high fire-threat areas to prevent wildfires by turning power off automatically if there is a problem.

Major outage

A widespread, unplanned outage caused by a storm, wildfire, earthquake or major accident

Emergency response outage

An outage requested by first responders such as police or firefighters. This might be due to a wildfire, earthquake or other emergency to safeguard response.

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