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construction zone

Construction Zone Accidents With Trucks and Buses

  • Feb 18 2021

When there is an accident in a construction zone involving a large vehicle like a bus or tractor-trailer, the victims could include construction workers, drivers, and passengers in motor vehicles, pedestrians, and people riding bicycles. If you got hurt in a collision like this and it was not your fault, a California construction accident attorney could help you go after compensation for your losses. 

Here are some things you need to know about construction zone accidents with trucks and buses:

What We Have to Prove to Hold the At-Fault Party Responsible for Your Injuries

We cannot automatically file a personal injury claim or lawsuit against all the other people involved in the accident.

truck defective tire

Defective Tires in a Truck Accident

  • Feb 15 2021

Nearly all auto accidents beg the same question, “Who is a fault for the collision?” This answer often includes a detailed list of at-fault parties, particularly in California commercial truck wrecks.

Truck drivers bear a great responsibility to maintain their rigs in safe, operational conditions. Sometimes, however, no matter the diligence of the driver, accidents still happen. 

Accidents involving defective tires are a prime example of complex truck accident cases. Defective tires in a truck accident can point to multiple negligent parties.

camera footage

Can My Car Accident Lawyer Get Camera Footage of My Crash?

  • Feb 11 2021

Between personal cell phones, security, and home surveillance cameras, it seems just about everything these days is caught on video. When it comes to proving negligence and seeking compensation following a California car accident, being caught on tape can be a good thing.

If you’re involved in a car crash and notice video cameras near the scene of the incident, you might wonder, “Can my car accident lawyer get camera footage of my crash?” The answer is, generally yes. 

California personal injury attorneys skilled in car crash cases are increasingly aware of video footage’s value to winning their case.

motorcycle mechanic

How Does Motorcycle Insurance Work After a Crash

  • Feb 8 2021

The same financial responsibility rules apply to motorcycles and passenger cars in California, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If you own or operate a motorcycle, you must maintain motorcycle insurance. Your automobile insurance does not cover your motorcycle. 

If you have had the misfortune of getting into a collision while on your motorcycle, you need to learn the answer to the question of “How does motorcycle insurance work after a crash?” A California personal injury attorney can explain your legal rights and advocate on your behalf with the insurance company and the at-fault driver. 

neck pain after a car accident

What’s Causing Neck and Lower Back Pain After a Car Accident?

  • Feb 4 2021

California roadways are some of the busiest in the nation. While the majority of drivers on the road remain focused and attentive, many are reckless and negligent. Encountering a negligent driver may result in a major crash or a mild fender bender, at least. 

If you are involved in a car accident, you should be aware that the sudden jolting and jerking in a car collision can result in significant neck and back injuries. California personal injury attorneys advise that knowing what’s causing neck and lower back pain after a car accident can help you be aware of symptoms and seek immediate treatment for your injuries.  


California RV Accident Lawsuits

  • Feb 1 2021

Recent statistics support RVing as an increasingly popular means of travel among Americans. It is reported that nearly 11% of American households now own an RV.  

And, as the Covid-19 stay-at-home orders begin to lift, those with access to RVs are setting out across the beautiful American countryside, many of them California-bound.

With every good thing, however, comes concerns. RVs are less stable and more challenging to handle than passenger cars, resulting in severe injuries if involved in a crash.

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