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Car driving in light rain.

Study Finds Light Rain Significantly Increases Risk Of Fatal Crash

  • Dec 19 2019

Motor vehicle accidents account for thousands of deaths in the United States each year. During 2018, 36,560 people died in motor vehicle accidents. While the causes of traffic accidents vary, poor weather conditions play a factor in many crashes. A recent study indicates that even light rain can pose a significant risk for fatal traffic accidents. Our California car accident attorneys take a closer look at that study in this article.

Weather Conditions Can Increase the Risk of a Car Accident

Rain of any intensity can increase the risk of a car crash.

Man meeting his pedestrian accident attorney.

What Do Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Do?

  • Dec 16 2019

Thousands of individuals are killed and injured each year in pedestrian accidents in the United States. The GHSA predicted earlier this year that 2019 would be the deadliest year for pedestrians on U.S. roads since 1990. California is consistently the leader or in the top two or three states each year with the most pedestrian fatalities. A California pedestrian accident attorney helps injured victims recover compensation for their physical injuries, emotional distress, mental anguish, and financial damages. 

What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident

When you hire a pedestrian accident lawyer,

A cyclist leaving work on his bike.

California Cyclists Beware: The Streets Are Not Safe

  • Dec 12 2019

According to the NHTSA, there was a 6.3 percent increase in bicyclist fatalities in 2018. California is consistently at the top of the list for the highest number of bicycle deaths in the United States each year. During the past decade, California has had the highest or second-highest number of bicyclist fatalities each year. As an experienced California bicycle accident attorney, this sad distinction comes as no surprise.

What Causes Bicycle Accidents in California?

There are many reasons why bicycle accidents occur.

Pedestrians crossing an intersection.

2019 Study Shows California Pedestrians at High Risk for Injury

  • Dec 9 2019

Pedestrians have always been at risk of being injured or killed in accidents involving motor vehicles. However, recent studies have shown that the risk to pedestrians has grown over the past decade. A higher percentage of pedestrians are being injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents. Our California pedestrian accident attorney looks at one recent study that places California in the top 20 most dangerous states for pedestrians. 

California Pedestrian Fatalities Increase Dramatically 

A recent report shows that California ranks as the 16th most dangerous state for pedestrians.

An e-cigarette, vaping, or Juul product.

Juul Fan? You Might Get More Than You Bargained For

  • Dec 5 2019

Juul fans should be aware of the latest information about lung injuries associated with vaping and e-cigarette use. Thousands of cases of lung injury have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control as of the end of October 2019. Every state except Alaska has reported cases of lung injuries associated with vaping and electronic cigarette use. You can contact a California Juul lawsuit attorney if you are concerned that you might have been injured after using Juul products.

Juul Injuries and Deaths Continue to Increase 

As of October 29,

A couple speaking to a lawyer about their wrongful death claim.

Can a Family Member Sue for Wrongful Death?

  • Dec 2 2019

If the negligence or wrongdoing of an individual or party causes the death of an individual, the party responsible for causing the death might be held liable for civil damages under California’s wrongful death laws. The law provides a process for a person’s loved ones to seek compensation for their loss and the damages caused by the loss of a family member. A California wrongful death attorney can guide a family through the process of filing a wrongful death claim seeking justice for the untimely death of their loved one.

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