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Bounce House in Los Angeles

A Bounce House Takes Flight and Brings a Child Along for the Ride

  • Jun 27 2018

Southern California — It’s being reported that a bounce house in Southern California took flight with child inside of it over Mother’s Day weekend. According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, a bounce house landed on U.S. Route 395 in Adelanto, CA just after 3 P.M. the Saturday before Mother’s Day.

The family of the victim rented a bounce house to entertain the children during their Mother’s Day celebrations. Everything was going well until “a big gust of wind that looked like a tornado” came rolling through the yard.

Los Angeles Police Department

LAPD Corrections Officer Fired After an Inmate Hanged Herself

  • Jun 25 2018

Los Angeles, CA — In late April, a Los Angeles Police Department detention officers were relieved of duty after the death of inmate Wakiesha Wilson. Roughly two years ago, Wakiesha was wrongly put into isolation, where she would later hang herself using the cloth that was in the room.

What Happened?

The officer who was fired for failing to give an inmate the proper medical attention necessary. Reaunna Bratton was on thin ice at the time of the incident.

car crash with bicycle on road

Bike Collision Accidents

  • Jun 21 2018

Recent data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows that, in 2015, more than 1,000 bicyclists died while bicycling.  2015 data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that 818 of these were bicyclists killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes, and that this marked a roughly twelve percent increase from 2014.  Further, the NHTSA data shows that 120 of these deaths occurred in California, and that the state’s rate of bicyclist fatalities due to motor vehicle traffic crashes was the second-highest in the nation, only behind Florida.

nail polish being applied to a lady's finger nails

San Diego Nail Salon Crash

  • Jun 21 2018

Can I sue for personal injury if I get hit by a car while inside of a building?

Some people drive to the nail salon in a panic over a broken nail. Others drive through the nail salon, causing panic and injuries in the wake of the car accident.

Apparently, it’s not enough to worry about being involved in a California pedestrian accident while walking the streets. Now, you may not even be safe once you’re inside a store.

But if you are injured due to the actions of someone else,

Car hits bicycle

Bicyclist hit by Detective’s Vehicle

  • Jun 20 2018

Chesterton, Indiana — In the summer of 2014, Sheila Gonzalez was enjoying a bike ride with her children. As the family approached a busy intersection, Sheila was the first to cross. She thought there was enough time for her to pedal across the street. Unfortunately, there was not. Sheila was struck by Sara Ritz, a detective for the Chesterton Police Department and a member of the Porter County Drug Taskforce.

What’s the Lawsuit?

Gonzalez and her husband filed a negligence suit against the task force in the winter of 2016.

Female factory worker wearing safety googles and helmet

Determining Whether to File a Personal Injury or Workers’ Compensation Claim.

  • Jun 18 2018

If you have been injured at work and have medical bills to pay, a personal injury or workers’ compensation claim may be a good option for you.  Compensation for your injury is not only fair, it is often also necessary to ensure you fully recover and can get back to work and living your life.  This article explains what a personal injury claim is, what a workers’ compensation claim is, and provides some information on common work injuries where these claims are often raised.

What is a Personal Injury Claim?

Fingers being adjusted into position while learning to play the guitar.

Fresno Music Teacher Goes Down on Bad Note

  • Jun 18 2018

Can I sue a music school if its teacher molested my child?
For parents, the safety of their children is the most important thing of all. Despite careful research and alleged safety measures in place, one set of parents made a choice that unwittingly placed their 11-year-old daughter in a position to be a sexual assault victim at the hands of a piano teacher.

A personal injury lawsuit against the teacher and music school alleges that the girl “was sexually assaulted against her will” by the teacher inside the music school due to the “negligent supervision of [the teacher]”.

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