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2 men riding motorcycles on a forest road

California Biker Sought in Hit-and-Run Road Rage Accident

  • May 31 2018

Can I still recover for damages in a hit-and-run accident?

No one likes the morning commute to work, but when tempers apparently flared recently on 14 Freeway, a road rage driven hit-and-run accident left injuries and property damage in its wake—including both for an uninvolved driver.

According to video footage taken by a driver travelling just behind the dueling duo, a chain reaction crash happened after a motorcycle driver kicked the side of a sedan causing it to “swerve wildly,

Uninsured Motorist

What are my rights if I am injured by an uninsured motorist?

  • May 29 2018

California law requires all drivers to show financial responsibility over the vehicles they own. Financial responsibility is evidenced by auto liability insurance for injuries and property damage in case of an accident. However, not all drivers in California have insurance cover. This complicates matters for people who do have insurance cover but have collided with another driver who doesn’t have any cover. What do you do?

If you’ve been involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, there are avenues you can take to claim against your own insurer or even the other driver at fault.

Man jumping on bmx bike over precipice in mountains at sunset.

Was Deadpool 2 Stunt Double in Too Deep?

  • May 27 2018

Can a stunt double sue for on-set injuries?

Los Angeles movie-set accident attorneys know firsthand the price that stunt double actors pay for the personal injuries or death they suffer on-set when a stunt goes wrong.

While stunt double actors may expect to suffer an occasional broken bone or bruising in the course of the normal workday, stunt double actors don’t sign up to die on-set. So, when an actor is killed during the shooting of a movie scene,

5 Ways Car Drivers Can Reduce California Truck Accidents

5 Ways Car Drivers Can Reduce California Truck Accidents

  • May 25 2018

What can car drivers do to decrease truck accidents?

Statistics show that of the 8.9 million people in America who are employed in “truck related jobs” approximately 3.5 million of them are truck drivers. And those truck drivers are “logging over 288 billion miles a year.”

That would explain why these big rigs are ever present on U.S. highways and shed light on why California truck accidents are so common.

According to a 2009 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (“FMCSA”) report,

American Airlines Plane

Another Airline Feeds into the Narrative: Airlines Don’t Care About Their Passengers

  • May 16 2018

American Airlines is the latest airline to come under fire for passenger misconduct. The latest incident being reported took place over two years ago, but a lawsuit has only recently come to fruition. According to NBC-DFW, the family of Brittany Oswell, is suing American Airlines for wrongful death. They are claiming that the airline refused to make the emergency landing that was necessary to save Brittany’s life; even after it was requested by a doctor who was onboard the flight.

What Happened on the American Airlines Flight?

Desert in Israel

10 Israeli Teens Die on a Hiking Trip

  • May 14 2018

In Jerusalem, it is common for teenagers to take a year off between high school and fulfilling their military requirements. Leading up to the gap year, the teens work towards gaining acceptance to an educational academy. They spend their gap year learning about a variety of subjects.

Academy Instructors Took a Chance With the Lives of Young Adults

According to the Washington Post, a group of 25 teenagers were taken out for a hiking trip by three academy leaders.

Olympic Rings

Olympian Brothers Are Being Sued for Sexual Assault

  • May 10 2018

From Triumph to Tragedy

As a country, we have a sense of pride about the Olympics. They only come around every two years, alternating between winter and summer. The Olympics are a show of unity, it’s where countries go to prove their strengths to the world. Often, gold medalists are treated like heroes. Unfortunately for a world champion taekwondo participant and his coach, the end is near as they freefall from the top of their profession to the seat of a chair in front of a judge as they await a ruling that may change their lives forever.

A man smoking an e-cigarette by a school.

E-Cigarettes Are Now Infiltrating our Schools

  • May 1 2018

There is a new craze making its way into high schools across the nation, the Juul e-cigarette. This outbreak has been covered by Newsweek and various other media outlets. The Juul is an e-cigarette that looks like a flash drive. The device vaporizes nicotine, and other chemicals and flavorings that gives you the feel of smoking a cigarette, without the harm of smoking a cigarette. Well, that was the plan at least. As it turns out, inhaling any kind of smoke or vapor (that is derived from chemicals) is not too great for your lungs..

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