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Uber Battles on Defending Workers’ “Independent Contractor” Status

  • Jul 31 2017

Is Uber liable for personal injuries caused by its drivers’ negligence?

California Uber and Lyft ride-sharing accident attorneys have been following a San Francisco case against Uber regarding driver classification and the impact the outcome may have not just in the context of labor law, but on liability in personal injury claims based on an Uber driver’s negligence.

As we’ve previously reported on this blog, Uber, the ride-sharing giant,

Which Came First The Broken Sidewalk or the Broken Bone?

  • Jul 28 2017

Q: Can I sue if I trip and fall on a cracked sidewalk?

“Step on a crack, break your mamas back.” This twisted sidewalk game was once played by kids who joyfully leapt over cracks in the sidewalk in an effort not to curse their poor mothers with a broken back. Nowadays, those same youngsters are old enough to literally break their own backs on those same sidewalk cracks.

California slip and fall accidents are a big problem and a victim’s ability to recover damages for a fall often hinges on a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Swimming Pool Accidents This Summer

  • Jul 26 2017

Swimming in a pool is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy the summer. Unfortunately, a lot of accidents occur at swimming pools. According to the CDC, over 3,500 people drown each year. Around 20% of these deaths are those who are 14 years old and younger.

Swimming pool accidents can involve much more than just drowning. Accidents can come at the hands of broken handrails, a lack of warning signs, improper levels of pool chemicals, or an abundance of bacteria in the water. Accidents that involve pool drain suction are increasingly prevalent.

The Complexities of a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

  • Jul 23 2017

Q: When and what type of damages can a surviving family member sue for in a wrongful death action?

There are a number of factors that go into determining whether or not a wrongful death lawsuit is appropriate in the wake of a person’s death at the hands of another person or entity.

A wrongful death lawsuit is brought by the close surviving family members of a victim who died as a result of the negligent, reckless, or intentional conduct of someone else. It’s necessary to prove that said conduct occurred and that that action or inaction caused the death of the victim.

New Tour Bus Safety Law In California Not Making An Impact

  • Jul 18 2017

What Are Your Rights After Being Injured in a California Bus Accident?

A new law affecting public bus transportation passed in California, making individuals that use these types of transit networks originally feel relief. Several deadly bus accidents occurred on California freeways over the past few years, and to try to curb this trend, state lawmakers passed a bill known as AB 1677 to enforce stricter policies on tour bus inspections.

However, the law, although placed into law with the best intentions, seems to be a failure already.

Does Every Car Accident Give Rise to a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

  • Jul 15 2017

Although it may seem like every accident results in a personal injury lawsuit, reputable and experienced car accident attorneys know that each accident scenario is unique and that many factors must be weighed when determining whether to move forward with a lawsuit or except an insurance company settlement.

It is never in a victim’s best interest to except an insurance settlement without first consulting with an attorney. Because insurance companies are in business to make money, they may offer a quick settlement to avoid any more costly payment once a lawyer gets involved.

Common Causes of California Pedestrian Accidents

  • Jul 11 2017

The number of pedestrian accidents in the United States has been growing in past years. It is estimated that about 5,000 people are killed each year in pedestrian accidents. 2015 data from the Governors Highway Safety Association revealed how 23% of motor vehicle deaths in California were pedestrians, a number that was far higher than the national average.

Many pedestrian accidents occur in urban areas like crosswalks, sidewalks and on city streets. Since pedestrians have little protection to ward off collisions with a bike, car, or truck,

What are the Top 5 Causes of Boating Accidents?

  • Jul 7 2017

As California weather becomes more favorable to recreational and commercial boaters alike, more and more mariners are returning to the water this month. Unfortunately, not every day on the water turns out as we expect it and fatal accidents occur. Boating accidents can occur when we least expect them, even in the best weather conditions.

The final bell tolled for a 64-year-old fisherman this past week when his 10’ fishing boat capsized near Muir Beach in the San Francisco Bay. A fellow boater made a call to the Coast Guard reporting a capsized fiberglass boat at 11:30 am.

Will I lose my driving license after DUI?

  • Jul 3 2017

Assigning liability following an automobile accident can be difficult at times. If both drivers have been drinking prior to the accident, determining who is at fault can be even more difficult. In addition to recovering from the injuries suffered, you may also be facing the loss of your license. Talking to an experienced drunk driving accident attorney can help you sort out liability and help you understand what happens from here.

Driving while under the influence (DUI) is treated as a serious offense by many state and federal courts and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

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