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Blurred Lines in What Constitutes Child Abuse

  • May 27 2017

Q: Is spanking child abuse?

In California, child abuse is any action – – physical, emotional, or sexual – – that causes a child to suffer harm.

While abusers may be criminally charged, child abuse also falls under the personal injury umbrella so victims may be entitled to compensatory damages in a civil action as well.

Child abuse can leave its young victims with permanent and irreversible physical and emotional damage.

San Diego’s “Vision Zero” Plan: Pedestrian Lives Matter

  • May 24 2017

Q: Are drivers always liable for injuries in pedestrian accidents?

In San Diego, pedestrian accident fatalities (and serious injuries) have been rising for the past three years. In fact, pedestrian accident fatalities have been rising throughout California.

The “Vision Zero” program – with a goal of eliminating all traffic deaths by 2025 “through enforcement, education, and street engineering “– is getting a black eye by San Diego’s so-called “Fatal 15” intersections. Many of these intersections– where the greatest numbers of pedestrian fatalities occur–

Former K9 Cop Mauled and Killed Neighbors

  • May 21 2017

Q: Who is responsible when a former police dog bites?

Police officers protect and serve, and canine (“K-9”) officers are no exception. Trained to be vicious in taking down and apprehending suspects, biting is part of a canine officer’s job description.

Unfortunately, you apparently can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

Are police dogs more likely to be responsible for a dog bite injury when off-duty or retired from police service?

A new Grover Beach police officer had previously trained and patrolled with a Belgian Malinois police dog named “Neo” while on his previous assignment at the Exeter Police Department.

The Inherent Dangers in Construction Sites

  • May 18 2017

Q: How is fault determined in a construction accident?

A construction accident claimed the life of one worker and injured another on a recent rainy afternoon in Santa Cruz County. The workers were part of a team charged with clearing a mudslide along Highway 17.

Reportedly, despite wearing “bright colored safety gear” to enhance their visibility, the two workers were struck by a dirt-hauling truck that backed over them. One of the workers that were run over was killed and the other was trapped beneath the truck.

Elder Neglect in California Nursing Homes

  • May 15 2017

Q: Do injuries or deaths from malnutrition or dehydration in a nursing home constitute negligence and elder neglect?

Sadly, nursing home neglect in California is a big problem –especially in homes run by individuals or companies that put profits over the welfare of its residents. Insufficient or poorly-trained staff can be a recipe for disaster.

The Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act of California defines elder neglect as “the negligent failure of any individual having care or custody of an elder or dependent adult to provide a standard of care that a reasonable person would provide under the same circumstances.”

Avoid DUI convictions by not drinking and driving

Third Time Was the Killer

  • May 12 2017

Q: Can a driver with prior DUI convictions be charged with murder?

A drunk driving accident often leaves devastation and life-altering personal injury in its week.

Recently, a California mother of two young children, who was seven months pregnant, lost her husband and unborn child when a man with two prior DUI convictions reportedly drove drunk again, ran a stop sign, and broadsided their car.

Her husband, who was driving, was killed.

Aggressive Driving and Car Accidents

  • May 9 2017

How can I protect myself from aggressive drivers?

Aggressive driving is a serious problem on our roadways across the nation, and sadly it seems to be getting worse.  Several viral videos depicting drivers cursing, using obscene gestures, attempting to run others off the road, and even resorting to physical violence have awakened the nation to the true dangers of aggressive driving.  Our Los Angeles car accident lawyers discuss the problem of aggressive driving and how you can protect yourself below.

Seniors and Car Accidents in California

  • May 6 2017

Can senior citizens recover for the heightened injuries they may suffer in a car accident?

Over 40 million licensed drivers today are over the age of 65.  Senior drivers are at an increased risk of suffering serious injuries in the event of a car accident.  They are also more likely than younger drivers to experience ongoing and debilitating pain after an accident.  Seniors who suffer injuries in an accident may struggle to obtain full compensation due to assertions by the insurance company that their condition was preexisting.  

Who Was At-Fault in the Self-Driving Uber Accident?

  • May 3 2017

Are self-driving cars safer than human drivers?

An accident involving a Honda CRV and an Uber vehicle in self-driving mode has garnered national attention.  Multiple accounts concerning the troubling Arizona accident have led to some dispute as to precisely who was at-fault for the collision.  In an era where an increasing number of vehicles are now equipped with autonomous technologies, the Arizona accident raises questions as to the safety of self-driving cars and whether these vehicles are safer than human drivers.  Our Los Angeles car accident lawyers discuss the facts of this recent Uber accident,

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