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Treating Back Injuries With Medial Nerve Blocks

  • Feb 14 2017

Could a medial nerve block lessen my back pain?

Back pain is a common but potentially debilitating injury.  Millions of Americans report suffering from serious back pain annually, with lower back pain comprising a leading cause of disability across the nation.  There are many potential causes of back injuries, including automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents, and workplace falls.  Back injuries can be acute, or short lasting, or become chronic, leading to long term pain.  One method of treating back pain is through nerve blocks.  

Be Careful What You Post Online After a Car Accident

  • Feb 10 2017

Can the insurance company use my social media posts in court?

Posting to social media has become a part of our daily lives for many of us.  Updating your Facebook status or tweeting about your car accident and injuries may seem harmless, but it can have serious implications for your Los Angeles car accident claim.  Courts in several jurisdictions have held that information posted online is discoverable by the insurance company.  Seemingly innocent posts have been the reason for denial or minimization of some car accident cases in recent years.  

The Rise in Ride Sharing Accident Claims in California

  • Feb 1 2017

Q: What happens if you are injured as a Lyft or Uber passenger due to the fault of your driver?

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. It’s thinking like this that has led to the responsible current culture of calling  a taxi—or more often an Uber or Lyft these days—to give you a safe ride home after some partying or indulgence that would make you unsafe, or illegal, behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, these well-intentioned rides may go awry and you may need an Uber and Lyft Ride Sharing Accident attorney.

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