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Wrongful Death Car Accident

Venus Williams Should Expect to be Served Per Widow’s Attorney

  • Dec 31 2017

Will Venus Williams be found liable in a fatal car crash that claimed a man’s life?

Venus Williams, regarded as one of the all-time best professional women’s tennis players in America is no stranger to the Grand Slam on the court –and on the road.

Williams was involved in a two-car California car accident that sent an elderly man to the hospital with head trauma and after two weeks in ICU he died of his injuries. His wife, who was the driver of the other car, was also taken to the hospital with broken bones and other injuries but survived.

What Is Causing All of the Bicycle Accidents?

What Is Causing All of the Bicycle Accidents?

  • Dec 30 2017

The University of Southern California reported recently on an alarming study released by the University of California San Francisco.  The study showed that over the past 17 years, bicycle accidents have cost America more than $237 BILLION, and that the cost of those accidents is only going up.  Some of the study’s most alarming findings include:

  • The frequency of bicycle accidents has increased by 120% over the course of the study
  • The costs of treating injuries from bicycle accidents has increased by 136%
  • Older bicycle riders are increasingly more likely to be injured while cycling than younger riders
  • Accidents involving both bicycles and automobiles are increasing,

Construction Accident Details Covered Up at California Zoo

Construction Accident Details Covered Up at California Zoo

  • Dec 28 2017

What kind of accident occurred the day before the Africa Rocks exhibit at the San Diego Zoo opened?

What happens in San Diego stays in San Diego. At least that appears to be the case with respect to a California construction accident that occurred recently on San Diego zoo property.

Representatives and spokesmen for the San Diego Zoo– as well as the construction company that the three (or possibly four) injured workers had contracted with– were tight-lipped about all aspects of the accident which occurred the day before the new Africa Rocks exhibit was to open and halted construction work for the day.

California Hit-and-Run: After the Biker Flew, the Driver Fled

California Hit-and-Run: After the Biker Flew, the Driver Fled

  • Dec 26 2017

Must those involved in car accidents stay at the scene?

An aerospace engineering student experienced flight via a California motorcycle accident. But unlike in space, we don’t have zero gravity on Earth. And his landing was particularly rough.

Video surveillance footage indicates that the San Diego hit-and-run accident occurred when a Jeep made an illegal U-turn into the path of the student’s motorcycle. The impact, estimated at about 35 to 40 mph, caused the biker to be ejected, “front flip” over the vehicle,

cruise ship traveling

What Duties Do Cruise Ship Companies Owe to Passengers?

  • Dec 24 2017

Nothing says vacation like a long cruise filled with dancing, drinking and all-you-can-eat buffets. Most people do not board cruise ships with the expectation that they will be injured or killed. However, this happens more frequently than we realize. Since 2005, 448 major cruise ship accidents were reported, according to the World Maritime News. Of those 448 accidents, 66 of those ships ran aground, 79 have crashed into other vessels, and more than 15 have sunk, according to this same study.

With these types of numbers, it’s natural to wonder what duties cruise lines owe to their passengers.

Motorist pulls a fist at bad driver while driving

Watch Out for Road Rage on California Roadways

  • Nov 30 2017

How can I protect myself against drivers with road rage?

A shocking road rage incident caught on video highlights the immense dangers of enraged drivers on California highways nationwide.  Recently, motorists driving to work along the 14 Freeway in Santa Clarita spotted a motorcyclist and a silver sedan driving erratically.  A video reveals the motorcyclist and the sedan veering into the same lane.  The motorcyclist attempts to kick the sedan and the sedan swerves, sideswiping the motorcyclist.  The sedan continues to swerve and switch lanes, smashing into the center divider.


From Beauty to Beast and Back?

  • Nov 29 2017

Q: Can I sue for medical malpractice if a botched plastic surgery procedure cost me work opportunites?

The cosmetic surgery industry is booming in today’s selfie- driven society. But the industry’s biggest clients have traditionally been and will likely continue to be celebrities in entertainment industry–celebrities who are not afraid to sue for medical malpractice over a botched plastic surgery procedure.

Many celebrities –particularly women–literally depend on their looks for their livelihood. So a botched facial (or body) procedure could not only cost them previously booked lucrative job assignments,

Text messaging while driving

California Takes on Texting While Driving

  • Nov 27 2017

Why is it so dangerous to text and drive?

Any activity that diverts your attention away from driving, including texting, eating, or using your GPS, results in distracted driving.  Distracted driving is believed to kill over 3,477 people each year and injure another 390,000, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  In an effort to combat distracted driving, California lawmakers have passed laws banning the practice.  Our Los Angeles car accident lawyers at J&Y discuss California’s distracted driving laws and why it is so dangerous to use your phone while driving.

Tesla Shares Blame in Autopilot Crash, According to Federal Panel

  • Nov 25 2017

Who is liable for car accidents involving self-driving technology?

A fatal crash involving a Tesla vehicle operating in Autopilot mode called the nation’s attention to the potential dangers of self-driving technologies.  The accident happened in 2016 when a 40-year-old man driving a Tesla Model S sedan rammed into the trailer of a big rig that was making a left hand turn in front of it.  Investigations revealed the car was traveling at over 70 miles per hour using Tesla’s semiautonomous Autopilot feature.  Autopilot did not stop the vehicle in time to avoid the crash.

Determining Damages in a California Car Accident Case

  • Nov 21 2017

What damages could I receive if I am injured in a car accident in California?

Serious car accidents can result in a wide array of injuries.  If you have been injured in a car accident, chances are you have incurred medical expenses and lost wages after not being able to return to work.  Depending on the cause of the accident, you may be able to seek compensation for your losses stemming from the crash, known as damages in the legal field.  Our Los Angeles car accident attorneys at J&Y offer an overview of damages in California car accident cases.  

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