Posts From November, 2016

Liability for Amateur Sports Injuries

  • Nov 17 2016

Who bears responsibility when a young player is seriously injured during a game?

As sports grow ever more popular and competitive, athletic injuries become more and more common. While everyone expects the usual scrapes and bruises to occur during athletic activity, when serious personal injuries occur, the question of legal liability comes to the forefront, particularly if such injuries interfere with everyday activities for a prolonged period or even result in permanent disability.

If your child has been seriously injured during an educational or recreational sporting event and you know or suspect that the situation occurred partially or entirely because of inadequate protective gear,

Hit and Run Driver Kills Four, Injures Four Others in Pomona Freeway Accident

  • Nov 14 2016

What should I do if I am injured by a hit and run driver?

A tragic accident on the 60 Freeway in Pomona recently killed four people and injured four others.  Authorities are now searching for the driver that caused the crash and fled.  The incident occurred when a new model white vehicle hit a Ford Explorer carrying eight individuals during the early morning hours.  The force of the impact caused the vehicle to lose control and veer to the right.  

California’s State Route 99 Ranked Most Dangerous Road

  • Nov 14 2016

How can I protect myself while traveling on dangerous highways?

A recently released report named California’s State Route 99 as the most dangerous highway in the United States.  In creating the rankings, ValuePenguin looked at how often fatal accidents happened on highways across the country. Route 99 was reported to have 62.3 fatal accidents per 100 miles, which is a marked increase over the second most dangerous road, Interstate 45 in Texas which has 56.5 fatalities.  ValuePenguin additionally rated roads in categories like the darkest highway,

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