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Los Angeles Angels Star Mike Trout Involved in Car Accident

  • Sep 30 2016

What are the most common causes of multiple vehicle accidents?

Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout was recently involved in a multi-car accident while driving home from Angels Stadium after a game.  Trout was traveling on South 55 near Tustin, California at about nine p.m. when traffic in front of him slowed.  Trout swerved to avoid the cars ahead but collided with the rear left side of a Chevrolet Sonic.  The force of the crash sent the Sonic into the truck in front of it.  Trout miraculously emerged from the accident uninjured,

How Positive Train Control Can Prevent Train Accidents

  • Sep 29 2016

Is there technology that rail systems can utilize that will prevent train accidents?

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) recently announced combined federal grants of $25 million to fund projects in a number of states, including California, to implement positive train control (PTC), a technology that is designed to automatically slow down trains that exceed the speed limit. PTC is slated to be mandatory for railroads and has the potential to prevent derailments, collisions, and improper track switching.

Train Accidents at  a Glance

While trains are an efficient way to transport people and cargo and railways are safer than other means  of travel,

UC Riverside Student and Friend Killed Changing Tire on 405

  • Sep 29 2016

What should I do if my tire blows while driving?

Tragedy struck when a 22-year-old student and his friend were killed while attempting to change a flat tire. The student was traveling on the 405 near Yukon Avenue in the early morning hours when his tire blew.  He pulled onto the shoulder and called two friends to help him change his tire.  All three were working on the task when they were suddenly struck by a car.  Two of the victims were killed, while a third suffered serious injuries. 

Motorcycle Accident Kills One in San Diego

  • Sep 28 2016

What are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents?

A motorcyclist recently died in an accident near the United States-Mexico border.  The accident occurred in the afternoon hours in San Diego on southbound Interstate 5.  California Highway Patrol reports that the motorcyclist lost control for unknown reasons and crashed.  No one else was injured in the accident.

Top Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

California is widely regarded as one of the best states for motorcyclists.  With its miles of open highway and temperate climate,

High Tech Cars No Match for Human Error

  • Sep 28 2016

Q: Are cars with auto-pilot and other safety features able to avoid accidents?

Automotive technology is advancing at warp speed. Airbags and back-up cameras are now common. Manufacturers are producing luxury vehicles that are not only electrically-powered, but that are pushing the boundaries in the new features department with offerings like pop-up, rear-facing backseats. And features once only dreamt of by driving fans—like autopilot—are now a new reality.

But even autopilot is not meant to relieve the driver of his or her ultimate responsibility to remain actively engaged and in control the car.

Motorcycle Accidents Increase in California though They Decrease in U.S.

  • Sep 27 2016

Why are motorcycle accidents more frequent in California than in the U.S. in general?

While motorcycle fatalities are, fortunately, declining throughout the nation, such fatal accidents are still occurring at an increasing rate in the state of California. Moreover, the percentages involved are not minimal. As the U.S. motorcycle fatality rate dropped 7 percent in 2013, the fatality rate in California during the same year rose 13 percent. Obviously, the reasons behind this alarming discrepancy in statistics must be addressed.

If you have suffered serious personal injury in a motorcycle accident or if a member of your family has suffered a wrongful death in California,

Skateboard Accidents in California

  • Sep 27 2016

Who is liable in a skateboarding accident?

Skateboarding is a fun recreational activity and method of transportation.  It is estimated that more than 11 million people worldwide skateboard on a regular basis.  With its temperate climate, California is home to a high number of people that skateboard for pleasure or to and from school, work, and other destinations.  Despite the popularity of skateboarding, thousands of youth and adults alike are injured each year in skateboarding accidents and close to 30 people are killed.  Many of these accidents involve skateboarders being hit by motor vehicles. 

Murrieta Valley School District Sued by Parents of 13-Year-Old Victim of Swimming Pool Accident

  • Sep 26 2016

Was the Murrieta Valley School District responsible for the tragic death of Alex Pierce, Age 13?

Sabrina and Rodriquez Pierce suffered a tragic, almost unimaginable loss when their son, 13-year-old Alex Pierce, died this past June as a result of an accident at an end-of-the-year school swimming party. Court records show that the lawsuit, filed recently, was brought by the Pierce parents against the Murrieta Valley Unified School District. The suit charges that the school district was negligent by inadequately staffing the venue and by failing to attend to the child when he sunk to the bottom of the pool.

DUI-Related Accident in Temcula Kills Grandmother and Her 2-Year-Old Granddaughter

  • Sep 26 2016

What caused the deadly California collision the day before the 15th anniversary of 9-11?

Sometimes it seems as if we will never conquer the problem of people driving while impaired. We read daily reports about horrible accidents that could have been avoided if only people would refrain from drinking alcohol or taking drugs when they are about to drive. With all the catastrophic occurrences that we cannot prevent — natural disasters, epidemics, terrorist attacks — it seems ridiculous that we cannot convince a certain proportion of the population to refrain from driving when they are not fully functional.

Rarely Sought Death Penalty Requested in Child Abuse/Neglect Murder Case

  • Sep 25 2016

Q: Is there a duty to report suspected child abuse or neglect?

From the time they are born until they reach their majority (and even long after that), innocent children should be loved, nurtured, and protected. In most cases, the parents proudly shoulder this responsibility and are often fierce protectors of their children’s welfare. Sadly, not every child is able to be raised by caring parents or family.

One of the most horrific cases of alleged child abuse and neglect in California is the pending Tami Huntsman case,

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