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Physical Elder Abuse Behind the Nursing Facility Doors

  • Aug 31 2016

Can I sue an assisted living or nursing facility for elder abuse in California?

After living a full and active life, many people look forward to retirement and embrace the idea of a slower, relaxed life. The work years are past, the kids are grown, and it’s time to focus on your own needs–maybe travel or just enjoy the grandchildren.

But for many, the aging process itself presents challenges that impact the ability to live independently. Physical, emotional or mental impairments may require a move to an assisted living or nursing facility.

The Art of Negotiation in Personal Injury Cases

  • Aug 31 2016

Q: How does the extent and cause of a victim’s injuries impact the outcome of a personal injury case?

Whenever there is an accident case, the first question raised—and often debated—is who is at fault? Who caused the accident, or in legal terms, who is liable? Once liability is established, the focus shifts toward the victim’s injuries and a determination of what is required in order to compensate the victim for his or her damages.

Often, opponents in personal injury lawsuits can be miles apart when it comes to agreeing on a figure for appropriate compensation of a victim.

Shocking Burn Injuries on the Fourth of July

  • Aug 31 2016

Do I or my loved ones have a claim for damages due to a burn injury?

Usually, the threat of a burn injury over the July 4th holiday is related to fireworks mishaps. But that wasn’t the case this year in one part of California.

On July 3, 2016, a five-day spree of murder and attempted murder in the San Diego area had people–particularly homeless folks–on edge. Someone was randomly setting homeless men on fire, often while they were sleeping. Four victims were attacked over the course of 5 days.

Boating Tragedy Off The Coast Of Catalina

  • Aug 27 2016

When embarking on a fun boating trip, one does not usually anticipate the boat tipping over and being thrown overboard.  Three males, age sixty-four, sixty-two, and forty-seven, were recently identified by the Coroner’s Office.  They died when their boat overturned on the coast of Santa Catalina Island, in California.

More specifically, the boat tipped over “near Salta Verde Point on the backside of the island.”  Seven individuals in total were aboard the boat.  The vessel was approximately twenty feet in size.  Four individuals were rescued, two of which were seriously hurt. 

When Planes Fall

  • Aug 24 2016

As a driver in Northern or Southern California, you might swerve to avoid a collision from another car, but did you ever think you could collide with a plane?  This occurred on Interstate 15 North, in Fallbrook, near San Diego, when a small plane crashed into a Nissan.  At approximately nine in the morning, the plane came in so fast that it continued to skid about three hundred feet even after colliding into a motor vehicle filled with passengers.  At the time of impact, the car was pulled over on the side of the road because the driver,

When Cruise Events Go Wrong In California

  • Aug 24 2016

Massive ships have the potential to cause massive damage.  A whale-watching ship driven by an employee of “Hornblower Cruises and Events” caused panic and distress in San Diego, California when it drove straight into a dock filled with onlookers.  Seven passengers of the ship were left injured in the accident.  The damage ranged from back, leg, and neck injuries.  Crew members that anticipated the crash attempted to minimize the damage by warning passengers to “hold onto something.”

The ship spanned approximately one hundred and fifty feet and left substantial damage in the dock after crashing several feet inwards. 

The Consequences Of Bypassing A Train

  • Aug 24 2016

It is never worth sidestepping a train in order to get to the other side of the tracks.  One Friday afternoon, this set of circumstances occurred when a “driver tried to bypass a stalled train” in Madera County, California.  Three male employees of a nearby farming business were involved.  The young men were in a white pickup truck and in their twenties and thirties.  Apparently, this accident occurred on their work premises between Road 33 and Avenue 9.

Since a train was stalled on the tracks,

A Bus Driving California Catastrophe

  • Aug 21 2016

Buses can usually cause the most catastrophic accidents because they can weigh approximately sixteen thousand pounds. These vehicles weigh even more if carrying passengers or property.  Therefore, death, injury, and severe damage usually results.  This incident occurred in the County of Merced in California and involved a bus traveling on Highway 99 from Mexico.  The bus was reported to be traveling through California to reach its Washington destination.

The driver was employed by a company called Autobuses Coordinados USA, Inc. which operates out of Los Angeles.  Apparently,

When Bicyclists & Motor Vehicles Collide

  • Aug 21 2016

Bicycle accidents in California are on the rise and have reached a high of approximately three hundred and thirty eight bicyclist fatalities.  The state even topped the charts in 2012 when it “had the most bicyclists killed of any state.”  Apparently, eighty-four percent of these deaths involved adult-males over the age of twenty.  The leading contributors to these accidents are purported to involve the influence of alcohol and not wearing a helmet.

In California, over four-percent of deaths concerning motor vehicles were bicyclist accidents. 

When Trains Derail

  • Aug 21 2016

Who is liable for damages when an act of God contributes to the cause of an accident?  A San Franciso train called “The Altamont Corridor Express” (ACE) was impacted by intense flooding in the area.  This train ran on the Union Pacific Railroad, a popular commuter line that transports approximately six thousand individuals daily.  Prior to and at the time of the accident, there were downpours that lead to mudslides throughout this area.  One report said that a tree was thrust onto the railway by the mudslide.

Just before the calamity,

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