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Parachute Accident Sucks Navy Seal Vet From Plane

  • Jul 30 2016

Who is liable in a parachute accident death?

When you go skydiving– whether for pleasure or as part of a military mission– there is an expectation that the parachute will open and function properly. And if there is any concern about the primary chute opening, the existence of the reserve chute offers added safety and security. Barring horseplay or any reckless, careless, or contributory negligent behavior on the part of the parachuter or others, the proper performance of the parachute is expected.

But what happens if something goes terribly awry?

Bay Area Bike Accidents on the Rise

  • Jul 29 2016

Q: Who is at fault in a bicycle accident?

With the beautiful weather and healthy, active lifestyle of Californians, it’s not surprising that bicyclists are out in full force on park trails and roadways. Unfortunately, when sharing the road with automobiles, accidents are bound to happen. When they do, even the most safety-conscious, protective gear-wearing bicyclists are no match for a moving car.

In a 24 hour period in late June, three separate fatal bike accidents happened in the Bay Area, two of them being hit-and-run incidents.

Death in the Slow Lane: Truck Accident Law in California

  • Jul 20 2016

Are commercial trucks subject to specific safety laws and regulations?

While many may joke about driving on the California freeways, a recent truck accident tragedy on the 5 Freeway in Gorman reminds us how grave the consequences of sharing the roadways with the big rigs can be.

On June 28, 2016, the unthinkable happened. Two families traveling together in a Toyota minivan were involved in a fender bender with a BMW at about 4:00 am. While allegedly stopped between the slow lane and the shoulder after the accident,

Blaming the Auto-Pilot Driver

  • Jul 20 2016

Who is at fault in a self-driving car accident?

The nation’s first auto-pilot fatal car accident just happened in Florida. The accident occurred when a Tesla driver using the auto-pilot, self-driving feature crashed into the side of a tracker trailer that had crossed its path at a turning point in a divided highway, sending the Tesla under the tracker trailer with the windshield making impact and killing the Tesla driver.

In a two vehicle accident, it’s common to find the two drivers pointing their fingers of blame at each other.

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